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Afternoon Estate Sales was built on the idea of conducting business around the average persons schedule. Around 70-80% of estate sale buyers are collectors and enthusiasts. So, let's say there are 10 estate sales in any given ZIP Code across the metroplex all starting on the same day. Then we assume that 10 collectors would be dispersed over those 10 estate sales since most estate sale companies start between 9 AM and 10 AM. Fortunately for our buyers we start our sales at 12:00pm giving the collectors and other estate sale buyers plenty of time to make it to our sale. This causes collectors and others to be waiting in line at the front door at 12 o'clock. Therefore we have more buyers in-line at the door wanting to come in at 12 o'clock. Once the doors are open to the public it creates a buying frenzy. It's like Black Friday during Christmas all over again!

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Arthur Estill  was born and raised in Dallas Texas

Arthur Estill