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What Is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is when someone opens up their estate (home) with the intent to sell all their stuff usually in a three-to-four-day period. The reasons why someone would hold an estate sale can vary, but we in the industry call it the 4 D’s: divorce, downsizing, debt or death. These life changes can bring on emotional challenges, and feelings of displacement. After going through such emotional challenges, a person could become overwhelmed and have resolved that they need to sell their stuff and sell it quickly. This also is most likely due to the fact that they have already sold their estate, or they are on the path to selling their estate. As a seasoned estate liquidator, I have found this truth. the majority of estate sales I have hosted where because the estate seller has already sold their estate, or they are about to list their estate to be sold and they are overwhelmed with what to do with their stuff. This is usually how it goes. My phone will ring, and I will answer Afternoon Estate Sales! "Hello, is this Arthur? Yes (They have seen my name on the internet) or have been referred. "I have never done this before” 1). I have lost my loved one recently and need to sell their estate. 2). We are moving and need to sell everything that is left from the move 3). We have sold our home and already have a closing date, 4). I recently went through a divorce and need to sale this stuff. 5). We are moving my Mom/Dad to assisted living or memory care center. 6). I'm going through financial difficulties and need to sell 7). I'm downsizing and we don't need this much stuff, we are overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do! As you can see there are many reasons for the call, and I respectfully sympathize and give them my condolences. And then I reassure the caller that they have called the right guy, and that I’m here to help and will help them no matter the circumstances rather they choose me, someone else, or decide to go it alone. I will come to their estate at no cost to them and give my best estimate on what to expect given my past experience, and that their “stuff”, (a lifetime of memories) will be in good hands, their having an estate sale I’m just there to assist them and I will assist them every step of the way. And they can relax knowing they have someone in their corner who will help them figure out what is the best course of action. I will always put helping people above monetary concerns. I don’t chase money. I believe if I put helping people first, the money will follow or at the least I will have a good conscience. Estate sales may be held by the family or an estate sales service. Where professional liquidators help set up the estate sale from cleaning, prepping, staging, evaluating, pricing, marketing, crowd control, security, and cleanout. As you can see there is a lot involved in hosting an estate sale, and that is most likely the reason people who are going through these life changes reach out to a professional liquidator.

Arthur Estill

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